Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wet Lands and Cheese Rolls

Bible-in-Schools was back this morning after the holidays. It was lovely to be back, and during a lesson on the Lord's prayer I deviated and shared the gospel instead. We continue to pray that the Holy Spirit uses these lessons and that a seed will be planted in these kids' hearts. At noon I met up with a small group of children and two parents (one was Rachel and the other was Kerry who attends our church) from the Christian School to take them to the Wetlands. We've had a lot of rain though which didn't let up while we were there - gave new meaning to the term. Hardly ideal conditions for non-waterproof cameras but it was kind of fun in a strange sort of way. There is a competition running for all school children so today's efforts was to facilitate the taking of photos for that. They will have to try get back on their own steam though to sit quietly and wait for birds to come to them. Nick, meanwhile, had been doing the assembly at the school, so we met up there again. He spoke about John Newton, a spiritual 'Rags to Riches' story of God's amazing grace. Back home long enough for a cup of coffee, then off to do grocery shopping, after which I made my first batch of cheese rolls. Here's how (this is a simple recipe; there are fancier ones out there using cream or ideal milk):
500g grated cheese
1 packet onion soup
Approx 1 cup hot water
2 loaves sandwich (thinly sliced) bread
Mix ingredients together in a bowl and microwave until cheese is fully melted. The mixture should be a thick but runny cheese-sauce consistency. Spread on single slices of bread and roll each one up. Freeze until needed, then grill until toasted and spread with butter. Yummy!Had nachos for tea, then after the boys were in bed I made a batch of "Chocolate Marie Biscuit Squares" which will now have to be renamed "Chocolate Round Wine Biscuit Squares" - as much a mouthful as the squares themselves. Good to be back in the kitchen now that I have the right ingredients again!

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