Tuesday, July 06, 2010

HBC, photos and the Ks

Had been kind of wondering what I would do with the boys these school holidays, especially in Nick's absence (not that his presence would really make a difference as he still has work to do!), so was very glad to hear about the Holiday Bible Club being run at the Church Street Bible Chapel. Caleb and Josh were going, so of course my Caleb and Aaron didn't need any convincing at all! Today was the first morning and it runs until Friday, 10 am to 12 noon each day. I dropped them off, came home to continue sifting through the mass of paperwork which needed filing, hung up a load of washing, and then it was pretty much time to collect them again. They were just beaming and bursting which snippets of the morning. Caleb has shown his competitive side in trying to earn as many "clicks" (points) as possible, while Aaron just has as much fun as he can. In the photo below they are colouring in a take-home paper in the hopes of earning more clicks.During the afternoon we walked up to Harvey Norman to get some photos printed - the boys love visiting this huge appliance store and head straight for the huge 3-D flat-screen TVs which perpetually seem to play Monsters vs Aliens, which is one of only about 6 movies which has been mastered for 3D. We asked a sales person for the glasses, and that keeps the boys busy and out of trouble. I wandered around until my enlargements and prints were ready, and then we ran home. In the evening we had a tea invite to the Klazingas...a canadian family who have been in NZ for 9 years doing a church plant, and are soon to head over to Oz. Jim and Julie have 7 children ranging in age from 18 down to 6, I think...what a happy chaos. Jim has already been in Oz for about two months but Julie has had to stay here to try get the house sold. It's not a good situation to be separated for so long but she is coping beautifully - I'll take her as an example of godly grass-widowhood any day! Only six of their children still live at home, with Josh being away at Christchurch Uni. We had a thoroughly awesome evening, laughing pretty much throughout. I can see how large families can really work!

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