Thursday, July 29, 2010

Discovering Waimataitai

Started the day with my bible lesson at Waimataitai School. I only had to finish off a small section from last week, so I invited the kids to ask me questions. I could tell they were thinking because they showered all their hardest questions on me. Almost all their hands were up and as soon as I answered one question they came up with another, ranging from God's age and beginning to dinosaurs, to man-eating lions, to time and infinity, the meaning of 'Amen', and whether I had knitted the jersey I was wearing. It was great fun and very interesting! Came home for the rest of our school although we put off our science observations until a little later in the day when the sprouts had had a bit more warm time to grow. Seriously, it makes a difference. The boys were not so happy about the delay in end-of-school, preferring to get it all over with at once. Caleb played around with an electro-magnetic science kit in the afternoon and then tackled a wooden helicopter model/puzzle, while Aaron read, transferred rub-ons to a helicopter he made yesterday, and then started on a racing car. I think. I couldn't really be sure what he did other than that their room was a shambles afterwards. Had a lovely winter afternoon again and since Nick had been working at home, I took the opportunity to sneak off on my own with my camera. I found a Coastal Walk just around the corner from our house - we are so blessed to live such a short distance from the ocean! A ten-minute walk down the road, across a railway line and through a sludgy paddock brought me to a rocky bay and a short boardwalk. Turns out there's a coastal walk which extends all the way to Caroline Bay. We'll definitely be tackling this as a family some time!

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