Sunday, July 04, 2010

First-time winner

Nick was up bright and early this morning. I know this because when he phoned at 7.30 am he had already been up for some time, despite a 1 am bedtime after much fellowshipping. I, on the other hand, had just been contemplating the morning ritual of shedding the warm blankets and shuffling through to the diningroom. The Shoshoni people cover their cooking fires in ashes at night, unearthing the live coals the next morning which are still hot and ready for fuel. We turn on the heatpump. Had to rush a bit to get a platter of meatballs and wedges and myself ready for church, but with the boys helping by drying the dishes and putting them away, the morning was saved. In Nick's absence Grant shared - a refreshing reminder of Paul's joy in the Lord (Phil 1:12-20). We shared the Lord's Supper together, and then had our monthly church lunch - a great opportunity to catch up with and get to know our brothers and sisters. Between lunch and the afternoon service the boys and I came home. I was wanting to just be at home after a busy weekend, but after the second service was feeling ready to take on the world again. Or at least, Grant and Petru...the boys and I called around for a cup of tea and delicious cake and some great chatting. Absolutely no photos from the day, so I'll share this one: I entered it in a monthly competition at Harvey Norman's, and was ecstatic when I was phoned on Friday as the winner! The prize is a selection of free prints and enlargements. I took the picture on St Helena around the Ladder Hill Complex, and converted it to B&W specifically for the month's theme.

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