Friday, July 02, 2010

Of feeding cows and kids

Last day of school, last day of school - it's been a long term! I think the length actually ended up working to our advantage though, as it's the first time we've really pushed through the "I'm sick of school" feeling, which has normally come just before the end of term. I think we all just got used to the regularity of school and there were way fewer complaints every Monday. We finished early, had a quick lunch, then went to visit John, one of our parishioners, on his farm to the south of Timaru. His farmland is extensive and very beautiful, and he currently has about 900 cow heads - no, head of cows? heads of cattle? feeding off the kale which is grown for them. He explained the system of moving the electric fence so the cows get a new section of it every day. They also get fermented grass. I am glad I am not a cow.Had about an hour and a half at home before rushing to the next planned event - youth group. Nick finished his packing and did two guitar lessons, and I just had time to pack up some fudge and coconut ice and make a pizza before we left to be at the church at 5. There were about 20 kids in attendance for a pizza and DVD evening. We ate first, then ran a bible quiz, then projected "The End of the Spear", the story of Jim Elliot and Nate Saint and the two others who were martyred by Waodani tribesmen to whom they had gone to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. It was told from Steve Saint's perspective, and a very moving story. Hope it made an impact on them. In the last hour or so before parents arrived, we played several code-cracking group games.

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