Friday, July 16, 2010


The boys got to use their well-earned movie voucher this morning. They still had to contribute $6 each (kids' movies are $8 - expensive) but were happy to pay and thought the experience of watching Shrek 4 on a big screen well worth it. I dropped them off and headed off to the Otipua Wetlands which I had not previously explored, but needed to try some shots before meeting with the group of kids at the Christian School next week, as I will be helping out with a Wetlands Competition. The wetlands are beautiful and abundant in birdlife, and makes for a great round-trip walk - you just have to be careful if you decide to pick your way across the springy grass clumps which lie thickly over swampland. We went as far as the ocean and then headed back on the other side of the Salt Water Creek.Our dinner guests this evening were Nigel and Peggy Barrett and their children, Hillary (one of Nick's guitar pupils), Felix and Devon. Had a thoroughly enjoyable evening - it's a blessing to get to know our church folk on a deeper level than a casual chat on a Sunday affords.

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Genevieve said...

Well I can tell they are absolutely your type of folks!