Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wedded bliss

The boys and I dashed off straight after the morning service for a quick sandwich-lunch at home before heading to Christchurch. It is a pleasant two-hour drive, cruising along the single-lane highway at 100 kph. There are passing lanes built in quite frequently, so no pressure if cars are on one's tail. The airport is a bit confusing as it's in a state of renovation with little signage as to where to collect domestic arrivals. We soon spotted our domestic though and it was a happy reunion! It was too cold in Chch to hang around - I was definitely not going to push to have our soup-in-a-flask tea in a park as we had planned. Came straight home instead and spent the evening chilling. Nick has been very positive about the week's events - he has been challenged afresh in his ministry. At 10 pm we Skyped my parents who celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary today - congratulations Dad and Mom on your 40 years! We praise God for His gracious hand on you both, and thank Him for the example you have set before your children.

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