Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Radicles emerge in empty milk carton

Today we found radicles growing in a milk carton...that is to say, the radishes seeds we 'planted' yesterday in science have started sprouting (already). The boys are excited about this new unit as they will be observing daily change and growth in the little plants. It's awesome that after one day they're already growing! God has sure made things in an amazing way.
Yesterday when I was out shopping I saw the Warehouse was running a scrapbooking competition; well, more of a lucky draw really but to enter you had to submit a page. Closing date is 31 July - not much time, so I threw together an A4 submission during the afternoon and went off to post it. Nothing ventured...?Took some updated photos of the boys after their bath. Caleb doesn't usually like having his photo taken but was quite co-operative this time. Aaron always loves to pose.

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