Sunday, July 18, 2010

Acts of the early church

Nick's sermon this morning was on Acts 2:42-47, about the early churches and how they would meet together and have all things in common - the marks of a healthy church. After church, there was a lot more hanging around and chatting than usual. Hmm. Very nice though. The Leevers and us were the last to leave, so we just extended the fellowship to our house (being an attentive pastor's wife and applying the message) for an impromptu lunch. Nick went for some scoops of chips while I started preparations for chicken tortillas. Joan brought some bits and pieces to add to the fray and we had a jolly good meal of it despite the complete lack of planning. I like ad-hoc invitations as it totally takes the pressure off - you take what you get or give what you have! Perhaps in the early church they were always prepared for the "in case", or maybe they had a roster of who was bringing the bread, who was on fig, olive and date duty and who got to provide the lentils. The boys and I called on quickly at the Phillipsies for me to discuss a scrapping project with Grant's sister who is soon to be re-relocating to SA, and then it was church time again, for a message on Psalm 5 with the title of "The Suffering Subject before his King".


Raymond said...

Hey! I did not know that you had things like Sprite on the Island? I thought you only got that stuff in, like, South Africa and America and Gabon! Fancy that!

Genevieve said...

I remember reading about Mennonite missionaries who always prepared an extra bowl/plate/serving of food purposefully in expectation of having someone to invite.