Thursday, July 15, 2010

Egg and tie

During the morning I left the boys with Nick and wandered around town. It was a welcome break to get out the house by myself - just to be entirely alone. Took the boys to the Aigantighe Art Gallery in the afternoon - had been wanting to see what it was all about. They had a special holiday program running for the kids, with questions about the various paintings and artworks to be answered, earning them discount vouchers for the movies. The gallery is set in a beautiful old part of town and was originally built as a retirement house for a couple. Regrettably no photos were permitted in the gallery itself, but we made our way to the sculpture garden outside as well. Across the road from the gallery there is a 5-star B&B for sale, reputed to be one of South Island's finest. Nick's dream home!

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Genevieve said...

Is it really Nick's dream home? Would he be willing to help CLEAN such a home because - whew - that would be a whole day's work.