Saturday, July 31, 2010

Splish splash

Enjoyed a chilled morning at home complete with a sleep-in and cooked breakfast - so great to relax after a busy week. Went to the Warehouse together for a look around and bought shoes for the boys on sale - which won't fit them for at least a year, maybe two! Drove around until we found a fish'n'chip shop and bought hot chips for lunch, then took the boys swimming at the public pool which is indoors and heated. Nick took out his Greek cards and I paged through a photography magazine. The boys had a splendid time in the pool and I had to worry neither about erythema nor hypothermia! Home by about 4 pm, made the boys hot chocolate, then we watched Monsters vs Aliens and a short 3D movie. After the 12-minute movie with green and red glasses our brains had started compensating, such that when we removed the glasses each eye was giving a separate tint on the world! Surely that can't be good for you. Thankfully it wore off after a few minutes.

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