Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sprouts, music, baking and meeting

School...we have language arts before our break, then launch into science, completely skipping (for now), our history, reading and read-alouds. The boys are observing, charting and drawing their radish sprouts, and every day we plant new seeds for some further experiments on growth. In the afternoon we went to Bronwyn for a music practice - we sometimes play together in church and don't often manage to fit in a practice so far in advance. Was great to have it sorted so early in the week. The boys kicked a ball around in their back yard and then played Rummy-O, sadly missing their buddy Sam who was at badminton. Home at 3, then spent the next three hours in the kitchen. I made macaroni cheese for tea and got a batch of peanut butter cookies ready so they could all bake together. While that was cooking I made coconut ice; Aaron wanted to help with the messy bit but was outside with dirty hands when it came to that. Found that damp hands are more effective with the sticky mix! In the evening we had a church members' meeting which is more of a spiritual family gathering than a formal meeting, with much laughter and joking around and very little serious stuff.

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