Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mud pies?

Scrapped most of yesterday, and then went to the Camerons for tea and a DVD - 'twas a great evening, and we also met Marty who has been staying with the Cs for the a few days. He and Nick jammed for a short while after the movie.
Today I finished off another page, and then moved back into my regular kitchen spot. As we are having bible study here tonight I though I had better be prepared! I made the regular batch of granola bars, and also brownies and a German spice loaf. While the oven was still hot I also made a savoury tart for tea - so we're sorted! The boys played outside - here's Caleb's retelling of what they did:
First, Aaron was just moving a piece of stick around and around on the ground, and he made a hole. Then I also wanted to and I made a thicker stick so it was a thicker hole, and then, after I had dug it (so it's about four inches deep and about two inches across) we put water in it cause the ground was hard and we wanted to soften it, and then it just sat around so I slowly pushed a stick into it and Aaron wanted me to hurry up so he pushed it very fast and the water exploded up. It was very muddy and Aaron and I started laughing. [Editor's note: they were a muddy mess and their clothes will need some attention tomorrow :-( ]

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