Saturday, July 10, 2010

There's no place like St Helena

Managed to spent a quiet day at home, catching up on some of the things left undone during the week. The boys had been playing with Aaron's new football and wondered if Jayden could come and play. "Phone him", I said, so they did and he could so he did. Grant, Erin-Marie and Dinnay all came along to drop him off. Thankfully the house looked a bit better than it had the day before. On Thursday when I had done the grocery shopping, a lady next to me at the tomato section dropped a few complaints about the size of the large tomatoes and the cost of them. I only smiled and nodded, but inwardly I cringed - we are so blessed with the abundance of fruit and veggies which are always available. I guess part of the reason I enjoy the grocery shopping so much now (apart from the convenience of a trolley) is that I can get everything on my list. I will never cast the same eye over a barrel of tomatoes!

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Hazel Beckett said...

I wonder whether I will ever see a shelf full of vegetables again... Am becoming accustomed to "making do". Hope to try and start a veggie garden after the bad August weather.