Thursday, July 01, 2010


So, my joy of fudge-perfecting was short-lived. Last night's batch sat in the pan all night, and this morning when I was ready to put it away, I found that Fudgeblob II was very happy in the baking tray. The upper crust had dried and set and wanted to be set free, but the lower half clung tenaciously to the pan. If you've ever pulled a snail off a rock, you'll understand. I salvaged a few whole pieces, but most of the batch broke apart. Although the texture was satisfyingly smooth, it's still too damp. I am launching an investigation into matters pertaining to condensed milk tin sizes and cup measurements. Will try again when we've given and eaten this batch all away.Went with Nick to town to buy an adapter after lunch. Not very exciting, but it's always fun to go out together. We walked almost the whole length of Stafford Street looking for an electronics shop. I didn't have much time for baking after that, but did squeeze in a small batch of cheese straws. (Hazel, please tell Prudy that I used her hand-written copy of the recipe; made me think fondly of her!). Next time I'll quadruple the batch because they would have disappeared within ten minutes had I not quickly hidden them.The kitchen...all the major renovations now complete, and I'm loving it. A HUGE thank you again to our landlords who have been so great about all the renovations.

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