Saturday, July 24, 2010

3rd Annual World Wide Photo Walk

Unlike our typical Saturdays, today's was a whirlwind of activity revolving around a tap and the photowalk. This morning we discovered that the bathroom tap was leaking in an alarmingly gushy way; a call to our trusty landlords resulted in some speedy action. Matt, Rachel and the boys were here within about an hour. The four boys threw stuff up and down the passage and ran around and laughed a lot. A Philippino brother from our church was riding his bike down the road when Nick happened to be outside so he was invited in for tea and got embroiled in the bathroom story; extra plumbing help was also brought in by way of a friend of Matt's. Two hours and a houseful later we got a brand new tap. Fed the boys then threw everyone out so we could prepare for the photowalk. Last year I led the St Helena walk, but this year I cast it on to Nick. Organizing the island's walk was much easier as we knew more people and word-of-mouth was louder, so this year's walk was less organized and, er, less well attended. We had a few sign-ups but almost as many cancellations, so it ended up being Nick, me and one other photographer from Twizel who we had not previously met. Good to get to know him as we meandered through the Caroline Bay area, along Stafford Street and other bits of town, to the harbour and then finishing off along the boardwalk. Timaru really has bits of everything - a really interesting place to photograph and definitely wanting several more hours. We spent two hours walking which was quite enough for one day's podiatric limitations. The boys had been at the Camerons while we walked, so after finishing off in town we fetched them, had coffee, then came home to unwind.Nick spotted this statue and took an awesome photo of him from a slightly different angle. I was instructed not to steal, so I changed direction and have to give credit to Nick for the observation!

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Genevieve said...

How about showing us Nick's photo too?