Friday, July 23, 2010

Caleb's turn in the kitchen

Caleb has just been dying to wear his apron again; he wanted to make tea, or bake, or do something. I had in mind to make a carrot cake so I let the boys in on the action. For the most part I stood back and let Caleb physically do the mixing and measuring while Aaron read out the recipe, although had to intervene to pick egg shells out the mix! It was a good baking lesson for them. It's hard work now, but in the long run any cooking and baking teaching will pay off - hopefully in a few years I'll tell the boys to make a cake then wait until it a piece of it appears on a plate for me with a cup of coffee! I finished off my monstrous to-do list in the afternoon which included sewing a new zip into a pair of Nick's jeans. In my mind this was going to take hours, but in fact only took about twenty minutes - a great relief to have it done! Had the Camerons around for pizza and chips for tea and a super and late evening.

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