Monday, July 05, 2010

Let the holidays begin

I've had a terribly wonderful day - both with it being school holidays and Nick being away, I've gotten so much done: three loads of washing, a haircut, vacuumed the house, baked, shopped, visited, cooked a meal, made a fire and started the horrid job of filing. On today's baking menu were cheese straws and 'speedy date slice' although that name is misleading as it took ages to make. Perhaps they are referring to how quickly the finished product can get eaten. I still have most of the batch safely stowed in the fridge but given half a chance the boys would have scoffed the whole lot away. Aaron was keen to help so I tasked him with the job of working the margarine into the flour for the straws. He loves doing it and was quite proficient by the time he'd finished!

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