Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The BIG holiday!

Dear Blog Readers,

My apologies that the blog has not been updated since mid-November! As you all know, we are now on holiday in South Africa. To date we have been so busy with shopping and social engagements that we could almost long for our peaceful and boring life on the island! But no, we are very much enjoying our time here, and it has been wonderful catching up with family and friends.

Our voyage from the island was unfortunately not a smooth ride – seasoned travelers said it was the worst they had experienced the ship. We were pitching AND rolling, as we had a lot of wind, to the extent that chairs would slide across the lounge floor, with someone seated in them! Our toiletries kept falling off their shelves in the cabin, and at night, instead of being lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking motion of the ship, we were rocked from one end of our bunk beds to the other. The photo, of the sundeck on the ship, must have been taken as we approached Walvis Bay, when the weather calmed substantially and it was comfortable enough to spend time outdoors. We were relieved to dock at Cape Town, albeit a day late, and get on to solid ground. Our sea legs, though, kept us off balance for a few days. Not that the trip was altogether unpleasant though – the food was up to the usual high standards (although difficult to enjoy sometimes on an unsettled stomach), and we saw a large school of dolphins shortly after leaving the island. The reunion at the OR Tembo airport was joyful, as some of my family were there to meet us, and we caught up with most of the rest of Nick and my families at my parents’ house on the night of our arrival.

So, with another 3½ weeks remaining in SA, we are hoping to find time somewhere to actually have a holiday! Of course I don’t want to give out phone numbers on the blog, but you can reach us at my parents’ e-mail, philsalz@absamail.co.za.