Friday, February 06, 2015

What to do with your kids' milk teeth when they are no longer attached to gums

Spoiler alert for those who believe in the tooth fairy...

Once upon a time I used to keep and label the boys' teeth, after exchanging them for money in their slipper at night. However, one day the boys stumbled onto the apparently-not-so-secret location of their milky-whites and realized the tooth fairy was all a hoax. That story aside, I still had their teeth neatly labelled with the intention of one day reassembling them for fun. That day came! Waitangi Day proved to be a chilly indoors sort of day, the kind where children are inclined to easily bore if left to themselves.  Out came the packet of teeth (we discovered that I hadn't been as diligent as I thought and they only had about six teeth each, but it was enough) and out came the polymer clay.  I presented a few ideas to the boys and their creativity took its cue and got busy. 
Aaron made these two adorable monsters (I helped a bit, but the ideas were his entirely);
Caleb produced this cute thingie...
...and this less cute snake using an inverted tooth - those are the roots sticking out!!