Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chilled cheese rolls

Saturday mornings in our household are pretty chilled...I mucked about with photos and scrapping, the boys played Uno and read books, and Nick did something nondescript (ie he couldn't remember when I asked for detail). In the afternoon he and Rene had to get together for a sound check for two musical items they were performing in the evening, so the boys and I went around to the Kempfs as well. Bronwyn happened to have scheduled the making of cheese rolls, which are a kiwi thing completely unlike other cheese rolls we've had in other countries. Five loaves of bread were sitting in readiness on the table, so I had arrived at a good time to help. I'll detail the making thereof more when I've made my own batch, but I suspect these will be a good thing to have in the freezer for a quick grilling when needed. Hannah tried to hide away just as I was taking the photo. Or she was trying to get into the photo. I can't be sure.Called in at the Camerons for Caleb's guitar lesson, just long enough for a quick cup of tea with Rachel and for Nick to say hi to Matt for a few minutes after teaching, but had to rush home so Nick could have a bite to eat before going to the fundraising evening to sing with Rene. They did two items: a hymn and one of Nick's compositions. The fundraiser was done by the Jericho Trust who put on a Christmas dinner every year for the poor and people passing through Timaru at that time.

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