Friday, July 30, 2010

More dashing rocks

I decided to put off our science section of school until the afternoon again, giving our sprouts a few extra hours before charting their progress. Just as well that we were finished the rest of school early as I was called in to Timaru Christian School (TCS from now on) to help out with the Wetland photography competition - the kids were editing their photos and I helped out with a bit of advice - cropping, boosting colour and contrast and so on. The sun came out in the afternoon and Nick could spare an hour to do the coastal walk I 'discovered' yesterday. Amazingly he found a better route through the muddy paddock over higher ground and dried grasses. Didn't I feel silly when I looked to the left and saw the wet track I had so carefully adhered to yesterday. He and the boys liked 'my beach' as it will henceforth be known and together we explored the rocks and tidal pools and cliffs. Caleb stopped to listen for trains on the way home and predicted that one was coming. Within about five minutes one had rumbled by! Got home just in time for Nick's two guitar lessons. The last item on the day's agenda was Mac Club...this happens once a month where Mac users get together and discuss Macish things. We don't normally attend but Matt had invited me to do a Gimp presentation (Gimp is a freeware graphics package not unlike Photoshop). I showed the Macees how to fiddle with photos and put together a digitally scrapped page. It was a fun and interesting evening.

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Mary said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation Lynne. Sorry about the temperature, we either have to freeze and hear each other or suffer the noisy heater. Your talk has whetted my appetite to try to improve my photography.
Dashing Rocks is my childhood playground. We lived in Moore Street. Life was simple then and children enjoyed freedom to roam and explore. Wonderful memories.