Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Transitional fruit salad

Caleb and Aaron invited the two Klazinga "littlies" and the one "middlie" to the holiday club. The three "oldies" were of course, too old to attend although I nearly persuaded Micah to join as a helper, as he was hanging around in the kitchen looking like he might not have a plan for the day. After dropping the five kids off at the club I headed to our own church for the monthly coffee morning. The guest speaker was a "Mr Calkin" who addressed the issue of "Transition in Timaru" with a powerpoint presentation and many large words and unfamiliar phrases. He had an assistant with him though who translated his presentation into some very interesting foresights into the future of energy in Timaru and the downfall of the economic climate. The conclusion was that we should be preparing now for the future by learning how to grow our own veggies and fruit trees, considering the use of bicycles etc. It was definitely eye-opening.When I went to fetch the children they were playing a game of "Fruit Salad" with a huge parachute which looked like heaps of fun. I was mistaken for a photographer from the Herald!

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