Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heaps of shopping

Not much time to breath in between all we did today. Tried to get an early start but with hanging out two loads of washing, that didn’t really happen; the first thing was to drop Caleb and Aaron off at HBC, after collecting Caleb and Josh en-route. Dropped them, came home to collect Nick who had finished his sermon super early and volunteered to accompany me to Pak’n’Save for the fortnightly shop. We first went to Harvey Norman to print photos for entering into the monthly competition (come on, friends with cameras – you know who I mean – start entering!), and then did the shopping. Nick can just be so funny and made me laugh. Thanks for a great date, my love! Quickly went home to unpack the groceries, then fetched the boys. Home again for lunch and a cup of coffee, then out again to the Warehouse for school shoes, lunch boxes and school bags. By that time it had started raining and turned pretty cold…glad to get home and put the heat pump on. The rain was short lived and the sun actually came out again; I had been anticipating a long spell of cloudy skies. Got tea going early so that Nick and the boys could have an early start in the baking business – they’ve all gone to the bakery to help Simon tonight, leaving me in utter peace and solitude from 6 pm. I can get so much done in a quiet house, especially when there is daylight! I started switching lights on at 7.30 pm. Tidied the kitchen and diningroom, tackled a few sewing projects, tidied my office, then made this super dandy paper-sorter. I hate having bits of paper scattered on my desk; this will help important things not to get lost! Ah, organization. Oh, and I didn’t get the 3-week temp assignment…it was filled internally (why did they bother going to an agency in the first place?), but I have another interview next week for a 6-month contract. I’m pretty stoked to see what will happen next – it’s always exciting to be on ‘this side’ of the unknown, wondering what God will do!

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Genevieve said...

I must admit to sometimes being frustrated with the state of being "this side of the unknown" but I am encouraged by your faith to think of it as exciting :-)