Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rags to Riches

Yesterday was just a plain day doing plain stuff - school in the morning, job hunting and lesson prep in the afternoon. Today's fun was my bible-in-school class, the last for the term - the kids sang a Maori "farewell till we see you in the new term" song spontaneously at the end, so beautiful! My fourth camera club meet was on the topic of portraiture. I brought in some awful snapshots taken on my film point-and-shoot years and years ago. It was so funny to look back on these photos and see just how unphotographically minded I was! So I guess it hasn't been a lifelong interest then, or maybe the really bad photos made me want to improve? We were back at TCS in the evening for their year-end production, "Rags to Riches". Each class put on a separate section of the show which all tied together under the theme. I was the photographer again; it sort of went from "bring your camera along" to "oh yes, you're covering the event"! Always glad to help, but am realizing the limitations of my camera and lenses particularly at night. Hmm, starting to cast my eye about :) The kids did really well in the production; there were no 'deer in headlights' moments and only a few forgotten lines. The star of the show was a large pink Cinderella prancing about in a stylish pink open-backed pink party frock, whose identity I shall not reveal. Let me just say that I have some questions about the gravity of our church's eldership!!

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Genevieve said...

Kyle and Ema have a very nice lens which solves the low light issue...and of course I have no idea what it is called. I will ask them.