Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stay with the flock

The boys were invited to participate in an International Festival, being appropriately South African for the SA section. Had I known before committing to it that it was on a Sunday I would have said no; informed consent is vital! They had a dress rehearsal and photo shoot today with yours truly as the photographer. Had to make it snappy as it was cold and windy outside. Spent the rest of the day at home; Nick had an elders' meeting and Caleb had not had a good night last night with some sort of stomach bug so we were happy to be at home. Before sunset Nick announced that he was going to the wetlands again; it's a given that we accompanied him considering the amazing clouds! The meeting of hot and cold fronts with the strong winds made these candy-floss wraps. Caleb stayed in the car and read but Aaron came along to play on the beach. We came across a sheep, eyeball-less and sandy, which must have fallen into a river somewhere, been washed out to sea, then deposited back on this beach. Poor thing, but I feel there's a lesson in there about wandering away from the protection and care of the Good Shepherd...

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