Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday afternoon

After our school morning, to mark the end of the term we went to McDonalds for ice-creams. It's sort of been a tradition to celebrate - it used to be lunch at Sally's! It's been 'windy as'...strong gusts have been blowing for a few days. On the way to McD's we were nearly blinded by a huge billboard which had broken free from its moornings and taken flight. Ironically, the advert was for "panoramic views". We were a little more aware of the dangers of wind-borne objects after that though which can easily behead a person (or so my paranoid mother-brain thinks). At home we found a sheet of perspex roofing on the garage floor - anyone lost theirs? Had tea with the Camerons in the evening and were introduced to Tiny Tony, a new little lamb who is absolutely the cutest thing in the entire world (the chap with the rusty-coloured hairdo, second photo), as well as regular Tony, a friend of Matt's.

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