Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty as a flower

The four boys were in high spirits this morning after not getting too late a night last night. They didn't have much time for play though as I had to get them to the Church Street Bible Chapel for a holiday club - their second one this year (our church is putting one on next week). Meanwhile, I had about four outfit crises trying to look professional but not boring for another interview. This was with another agency - the same one who offered me the temp assignment last week. Silly me though, I misunderstood the e-mail saying "we can offer you..." to think that they were definitely going to place me in this 3-week stint. What they meant was "we are going to suggest you to the client along with several other candidates for..." On the grounds of the non-definite offer we have rearranged our lives and got the ball rolling with school enrolments and so on. Doh! But we trust that this is the Lord's leading whether I get the assignment or not - I'll know by the end of the week, so watch this space. I picked the boys up at 12 and we came home for lunch - then it was time for Serious Housework. I had the boys clean their room while I did the rest of the house. Once things looked orderly again we baked...Aaron did Apricot Slice and Caleb his usual Carrot Cake. I'm pleased (very pleased) to report that Caleb has improved on his egg-cracking technique. The afternoon turned out to be hot (after a really chilly morning) such that I had to wonder if we've completely bypassed spring and launched straight into summer. It was awesome!! The boys rode their bikes to the church and I followed on foot. Nick was about ready to leave by the time we got there, so we just turned around and came home. We are noticing that there are a lot more flowers in Timaru than we've ever seen in any other town - even in our suburb, which is by no means a flash suburb, the gardens are well kept and very colourful (Dad, Nick specifically commented that you would love it!). All the spring bulbs are coming up now, bushes are flowering and there is colour everywhere. I thank God for His gift of beauty!

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