Friday, September 17, 2010

Chocolate for meals

Nick and the boys helped me with Meals-on-Wheels today...I was glad not to have to do it alone. After his late night at the bakery Nick was a bit out of it but so long as I navigated and pointed him in the right direction, it was all okay. The boys did the actual deliveries; the elderly folk who received the meals just loved their fresh young faces and two old ladies bestowed gifts of chocolate on them. I think they will have good memories of Meals-on-Wheels - should be easy to get them involved again next year when our church takes its annual duty! Bronwyn had enlisted me and my camera to get a few pics of Jesse before his big school ball; his buddy April had come down from Christchurch for the occasion and they made a fine-looking pair (in the platonic sense) in their formal attire.

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