Wednesday, September 01, 2010


The Lord truly blessed us with a magnificent day for the first of spring...clear blue skies all day long and not too cold either. Winter seems to have yielded to its milder successor; there is a definite lack of biting chill in the air. We've officially survived our first NZ winter! Our church's monthly coffee morning was on this morning. Nick did the devotion as usual, and then handed over to me for a photo presentation which I had been asked to do as there had been a muddle-up with the intended speaker. I ran a slideshow (complete with music, a-la iPhoto) on photos from St Helena, SA and here, and then another section on "St Helena in September" - faces and places from Sept 09. I had to swallow hard during the photos...we miss the island folk, so far removed and yet so near to our hearts.Since we had already done most of our school work in advance, I didn't see any reason to waste the beautiful morning indoors but rather dragged the boys out with me to appreciate Spring. Aaron took his skateboard and Caleb rode his bike up and down while I photographed stuff. The fruit trees are looking magnificent in their delicate pink coats.

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Hazel Beckett said...

Beautiful photography! One can almost smell the fresh air and new life.