Thursday, September 02, 2010

Clubbing in

I prepared a slow-cooker stew over breakfast and nearly ran late for my weekly Bible class at Waimataitai; taught on the Philippian jailer and having faith in Jesus; finished off Thursday's school with the boys. After lunch I called in at Harvey Norman to get some photos printed; did the grocery shopping at Pak'n'Save, had a cup of tea, then we all tootled off to TCS for the first week of our clubs. Nick is taking a guitar class and I'm doing photography. I explained the rule of thirds with a few prime examples then set my six kids loose on the school grounds to put the theory into practice. I've assigned homework so will see next week if the lesson stuck! Aaron joined in with Nick's guitar class, and this will be his new weekly music lesson (Caleb does piano with Joan). (Spotted this cute yellow mini on an adjoining property as I was wandering around). Just as our clubs were ending, the Badminton club began under Matt's tutelage. We decided rather spontaneously to let Caleb sign up even though it meant hanging around for another hour. In future we'll let Aaron play as well, so as of today they are in a sports club! We're all pretty excited about the mutually beneficial clubs.

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