Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daylight saved

After morning church Nick and I went to fetch the boys from the International Festival (didn't tarry; no photos) and then met up with the Phillipses at the beach (the wetland beach). There was a whole section we hadn't yet explored. Another windy day but WARM, so lovely to be outside. Daylight savings happened today - I don't know how to rightly phrase it...did we enter into savings mode or was it turned off? I was worried about setting the clock the wrong way around but my cellphone automatically makes the change and the alarm went off at the right time. The change from winter to spring almost seemed to be an overnight one, with the daylight ending around 7.45 pm now and the sudden rise in temperatures. Yay!! After the evening service we had the Kempfs over for a light tea and for Bronwyn to practice her make-up skills as part of her Polytech course. Hannah and Sam are away with their grandparents so it was just Rene, Bronwyn and Jesse. Bron and I got busy with the 'makeover' after tea (Bronwyn did a lovely job considering the raw material she had to work with :) ); Nick and Rene tucked into some music and singing, and Jesse got left with Caleb and Aaron. I would have thought that any 'average' teenager would have considered it a rare and serious form of torture to hang around with two younger boys all evening but Jesse even went so far as to accept a sleep-over invitation from the boys - so the three of them tented in the garage with unbrushed teeth in their regular clothes. Such a guy thing. Rene, Bron, Nick and I left them to it and played some Dutch Blitz...until 12.30 am...good thing Monday is a public holiday!

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