Sunday, September 05, 2010

Church lunch

The first Sunday of the month is always down on the calendar as "Church Lunch". We have the Lord's Supper together after the service, remembering the Lord Jesus' death and resurrection, and then all enjoy a meal together. Nick let me loose with his new lens - great for capturing candids! I've been kind to our church folk by not publishing mouths full of food or weird facial expressions...but I have them in readiness on the Mac for some future event! Cheques and credit cards accepted. It was the boys' turn to wash dishes today (or so the girls said, anyway). Each month they take a turn and all kids aged 9 and over are expected to participate. Good ruling. Caleb and Aaron skyped their cousins in Joburg after the pm service and we also got to see our newest nephew Logan, now two months old and such a darling!

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