Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In summary

Sunday came and went in its usual pleasant fashion; we had Lindsay and Nyree Moore over to lunch (have to be very careful to say "to" and not "for" as the boys are getting too sharp and find grammatical slip-ups very funny).
Yesterday and today have mostly been at-home days, catching up on scrapping and housework and doing school and all that stuff. Nick and I have been trying to catch some award-winning landscapes to enter into a competition so went to the Otipua Wetlands yesterday eve for a sunset and again this morning for the sunrise. The boys came with us last night but we left at 5.30 this morning so they were still sleeping (I probably shouldn't broadcast that we left them alone; it is suggested in NZ that children under the age of 14 should never be left without adult supervision). We were home again while they were getting breakfast though so weren't being negligent! I discovered that early morning + no coffee + no breakfast + jogging with camera gear = nauseous, weak and faint. I had stashed a banana in my pocket which gave me an energy burst, otherwise I would have stayed in a very sorry little heap overlooking the beautiful wetlands. Plus it was so cold that my gloved hands were stinging. Pure agony. Of course I'll try it again though...next time I'll have breakfast first. We came away with some fairly pleasing, but not competition-winning, images. The first four are Nick's pics.Oh yes, and I had an interview today...with an agency, so nothing too exciting yet. Good to begin the process though of registering - a first step! I think in my nervousness I may have rambled or even sounded slightly empty-headed but what can one expect...this is my first job interview in years!

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