Monday, September 27, 2010


It's been a public holiday today, but only in South Canterbury, I'm told...sorry for the rest of you! Bron came to collect Jesse shortly after a late breakfast; the boys and I went out to do a mailbox drop of Holiday Bible Club advertising leaflets. It was a stunning spring day in which one really wanted to be outdoors! Popped in at the shops on the way home, and then the boys didn't have long to wait until Caleb and Josh arrived for their big sleep-over. They played stuff and rode bikes and scooters all afternoon. After tea we took sports stuff to Ashbury Park and the boys played cricket and frisbee until shortly after sundown. These 'late-afternoon-sun' pictures were at 7.15 pm!! I wandered off, of course - what else is a girl with camera going to do? I was using Nick's 85mm lens which is brilliant for portraits and useless for landscapes - what a frustration considering the wispy clouds. Don't be fooled by the colours here - I don't mind confessing to an in-depth iPhoto makeover on this one!

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