Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miniature upside-down world

Had a bit of a 'this and that' day...was busy all day but nothing quantifiable...took photos for a friend (veering into a new direction of photography with which I am not entirely comfortable - self-portrait fashion!! (photos will not be displayed)); sewed a bit, cleaned a bit, baked and so on. Enjoyed the early morning frost from a macro perspective...The boys had to paraphrase Habakkuk's prayer for history (Hab 3:17-18); yesterday's beach expedition was obviously still fresh in their minds:
"My brother might be meen;
my feet are wet, my hands are cold, I press against the wind;
my boots are full of stones and I have hiccups
Yet I praise the Lord." (Caleb)
And Aaron's:
"Though my head might be in pain,
or I am very hungry,
I might have lost my bible
or my hand is bruised,
I will rejoice in the Lord."
Bless these boys!


Genevieve said...

Those boys are dear!

Genevieve said...

Oh yes wait...the the drop of dew on the grass is amazing!!!