Friday, September 10, 2010

Mrs, Mr and Mrs Kempf

Bronwyn and I were down to deliver "Meals on Wheels" today for the hospital. Our church has September duties each year, with volunteers driving around town with the pre-made meals in containers. We duly arrived at the hospital to collect our polystyrene box but alas! no box. Waited around in case someone came back with a wrongly-taken container but no one did, so Bronwyn took me to lunch at Blue Bay in town. I had some seriously garlicky garlic bread and soup (delicious) which Nick did not appreciate the next day either. It was great to spent time with Bron and chat about all sorts of stuff. Nick took the boys for a walk to Ashbury Park; I've been a little under the weather with a cold and laryngitis so stayed home and had a 20-minute snooze. Tea was at the Kempfs. The boys fed Kurt's fish and then tried to teach him how to play Dutch Blitz but I don't think it took, while Shirley put the finishing touches on a yummy meal of meatloaf and home-grown veggies. As always, a very enjoyable and interesting evening with the senior Kempfs.

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