Monday, September 06, 2010

Sunrises and blossoms

Up, dressed, breakfasted and out the house by 6.15 am to watch (ie photograph) the sunrise. We had carefully studied the weather forecast and knew it would be a clear morning. It was, and warm to boot! Fantastic being outdoors so early in the morning on such a lovely day but our location didn't yield great results and Nick and I both came home a little disappointed with our takings. Still, it was a beautiful morning (around mid-morning a southerly started blowing in gale force, bringing in clouds and cold). Nick made me a macro lens by coupling together his 35-70mm and 50mm lenses with sellotape. Seriously! I have a deep interest in macro photography and although this lens arrangement is somewhat limiting and limited, it was still awesome to play around with (below: daffodil, muscari (I had to google that) and an apple/cherry/peach blossom). I was having so much fun playing with flowers that I nearly forgot to get Caleb to his piano lesson with Joan! He's loving his lessons and is very keen to progress. Joan taught him about crotchets, minims and semi-breves and a whole lot of other interesting stuff.

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Genevieve said...

Kyle will certainly want to hear more about that macro lens. He loves stuff like that. (he made a tilt and shift.) The shots you took with it are amazingly beautiful!