Friday, September 24, 2010

Our journey ends

The train chugged slowly toward the station and gave a long, tired hiss as it applied brakes. Three passengers disembarked; they had traveled on the train from the end of 2005 through many valleys and over peaks, sometimes enjoying the scenery together and sometimes finding it difficult to sit still. Although the trio knew the station might be approaching, they had not realized just how close it was but as the train rounded the final bend, there it was in front of them. Now we wait around at the station for a week before an old familiar train comes to take away me away on a short trip; the boys will be boarding an entirely new train in the new term. And so our homeschool journey comes to an end. We are ambivalent; excited about the new direction, especially that the boys will be attending an excellent school and being stretched and grown in new areas; a little sad that my daily time with them in that way is finished. It's good though; the Lord has graciously provided new tickets and boarding passes and so we must go where He directs. I have been offered just a short 3-week temp assignment beginning at the start of October, and that will hopefully be the start of many more assignments or a permanent position for me. The boys will be pupils at the Timaru Christian School after the holiday.
I've picked out some 'homeschooling moments' from the last five years...feeling sentimental and somewhat teary!
Caleb starts learning his abc's in the manse kitchen (March 2006):
Early science experiments before we started the Sonlight curriculum:Looking at our Year 1 books - Sept 2006:Grow-your-own-beans!Quirkily dressed for the last chapter of Gooney Bird Greene (April 2008):Nick taking the boys through their art course:Ah sweet...the photo that was featured on the back of the following Sonlight catalogue (photo July 2008):Really REALLY enjoying Mrs Piggle Wiggle (now at Piccolo Estate):First day of school for 2009:The Principal congratulates the boys on a year of hard work and hands out reports (Nov 2009):First day of school 2010 - in the Sunday School classroom at our church in NZ:What was so funny? Working at the diningroom table of our first NZ home:Finally settled in my craft room with desks for the final stretch:It's been a good ride boys; I'm going to miss our mornings together. Keep up the good work and perseverance at TCS!

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Genevieve said...

May God Bless you all in the next part of your educational journey!