Friday, October 01, 2010

Transformers: Power to Change

While the boys were at holiday club, I "Lynnified" a new hat...the plain green cancer-society-approved headwear was not very pretty, but a couple of crocheted flowers, a beaded pin and some braid helped with that. Nick went with me to fetch the boys and got involved in a 'yes/no' game in which he was the victor - I think he was keen to see how other people run holiday clubs to get some ideas for next week! The Church Street Bible Chapel uses the services of "Outreach and Church Ministries" for their clubs, completely outsourcing the whole deal (except the catering). They run kids' clubs, open air campaigns and other evangelistic meetings internationally. Caleb and Josh came home with us for lunch and so that the four boys could work on their costumes for the fancy dress. They hit on the idea of one combined Transformer, all four making up a section; our yellow bin was raided for cardboard boxes, milk cartons and tins which were strapped together for weapons and armoury. Quite inventive on the whole if not a little messy!! In the evening we were all back at the chapel for the closing ceremony and prize-giving. Once again I was volunteered for the shape-o competition (I was beaten by a giiiiiiirl). Mr John did a gospel presentation using a guillotine which had most of the kids very worried after demonstrating its awful powers on a carrot; fortunately no hands were chopped off. The Caleb-Caleb-Josh-Aaron-Transformer won a prize in the fancy dress in a brand new teamwork category...well done boys!

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