Tuesday, October 05, 2010

HBC Day 2

Our numbers trebled today...from 9 yesterday to 27 today. We were so excited to have the extra kids - some of them were known to us from other churches, but several were 'off the street' so to speak, attending in response to our mailbox drops. I think a few of the girls actually live on the same street as the church. Wonderful! Nick did the 3rd and 4th commandments and says he can see the children are listening well. I left early to go for an interview for a 6-month contract position, doing office admin stuff (secretarial, reception, debtors/creditors etc). I think the interview went well but you never can really tell - I should hear from them tomorrow with a 'yea or nay'. In the afternoon Nick went with Carl and Lindsay to look at campsites with the intent of finding something more suitable than our current booking for next year's and future camps. They drove around Geraldine and Temuka and although they found something with great potential as a 'fixer upper', nothing is immediately available. There don't seem to be campsites on the South Island such as the YFC Campsite in Magaliesburg (SA) where our church used to have annual camps when I was growing up.
Bought some more stationery supplies for the boys this evening; my craft room is starting to look like a stationers' shop with books, bags, pencils, scissors, felt tip pens and so on ALL OVER the place. I need to get my head around who gets what, then cover, label and BAG IT and have it done!! Not many days until my boys become Pupils at a Bona Fide School.

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