Monday, October 04, 2010

HBC Day 1

First day of our very own Holiday Bible Club today...we've been praying much, advertising, preparing...and finally the day dawned. We arrived at the church early to get any last-minute things sorted out and eagerly waited for the kids to stream in. But they didn't. We had a grand total of 9 children, 7 of whom belonged to the HBC leaders, and all from our church! We were somewhat disappointed at the turnout but trust that these are the children that God wanted to have there, and no more. But that doesn't stop us praying for more tomorrow :) The morning itself ran really well, with the section leaders well organized for their parts. I'm sure this is a good training ground for any future holiday clubs. The kids had fun and earned many lollies, pencils and other prizes for good behaviour, attempts at memory verses and tongue twisters, and games. Nick is teaching on the 10 Commandments during the week, and did the first 2 today.

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