Wednesday, October 06, 2010

HBC Day 3

All the kids from yesterday were back today, along with a few more new ones...praise the Lord! I think we were over 30; I had to get some extra registration forms photocopied just in case. Nick delivered a beautiful gospel message and most of the kids sat in rapt attention (looking at the photos it seems that perhaps Nick should sit on the floor while he talks!). Our program has been fairly simple: opening assembly with prayer, singing, memory verse by Debs, tongue twisters, lesson; then a break for juice and snacks which has been co-ordinated by a variety of our ladies including Petru, Salome, Marg, Shirley and Charmaine. At 11 they are summoned again by the call of the Lesser Spotted Red Breasted Blue Crested Jahobadedadedah Minithnithne Bird (aka half a recorder) for 20 minutes of crafts with Grant, and then games with Simon until the wrap-up at 11.55. Miriam hovers at all times with handfuls or pocketfuls of lollies to give out as spot prizes.My personnel agent phoned just before the morning's program began to advise me that the client I saw yesterday has "gone with another candidate" - very delicately put. So unless something very sudden happens, I'm going to be home alone come Monday when the boys go off to school!

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