Sunday, October 03, 2010


Yesterday was just a mush-along day...Nick met with some brothers in Ashburton (our elders and the elders of Grace Baptist in Christchurch like to meet regularly and Ashburton is halfway between the two); the boys and I mucked about at home and eventually found our way to Warehouse Stationary where I bought some of their school supplies (the boys volunteered to wait in the car and read books - made it much easier I must say!).
Our morning service today was so full - such a blessing and encouragement to have folk visiting, and hopefully staying - at some point we might consider a name change to the "Marchwiel South African Reformed Baptist Church" as we are predominantly SAcan at present :) Monthly church lunch followed an excellent service and Lord's Table and it was a fun-filled affair - I think the large crowd combined with sunshine and clear skies caused an exuberant mood amongst us. We thought it was a lovely day so met up friends at the beach - the Phillipses, a few Kempfs, and the Gerickes, a new SA family. Turns out the day was not so lovely after all with a cold southerly blowing and it was way nicer to be at home!! Photos top to bottom: a six-square version of four-square (must be called six-square); Dinnay trying to warm up after a dip in the ocean; Aaron hanging up his towel in the back yard...we were fooled by what LOOKED like a lovely day too!

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