Friday, April 30, 2010

Brown's Beach and the Kempfs and Nieuwoudts

Nick had finished his week's work and so got to have some of his day off today. In the morning he went to visit Rene who had returned from a missions trip to Ecuador where he and the team had been involved in building a communal multi-purpose training facility thingie. In the afternoon we got in the car and drove northwards of Timaru to Brown's Beach in the Temuka district. Very pretty beach flanked by wide open spaces and cows to the west (inland). Nick and the boys threw long pieces of driftwood into the sea for the fun of it while I squelched shoe-deep into a muddy hole.
Had Les & Marg and Kurt & Shirley around to tea, for which I made "Granny's Stew" as the boys call it (a mince stew) and foccacia bread. Enjoyed our evening of chatting with our mature brothers and sisters. As the small world turns, Les and I used to work in the same street in Sandton about ten years ago!

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