Thursday, April 29, 2010

Patchwork pieces

Yesterday was such a non-day in terms of anything happening worthy of description that I shall entirely skip over it, save this one-liner. This morning I was back at Waimataitai School for my Bible-in-Schools lesson in which I told about the first nine plagues. Nick had been doing school with the boys in the meantime, doing a lovely job of filling their minds with learning and spelling. He lit a fire shortly after I got home and sat there doing the rest of the his reading, but it warmed up significantly during the afternoon.
Joan is taking me through the book "Communion with God" by John Owen (the RJK Law rewrite, anyway), and after our first blessed meeting on Monday she showed me the quilts she has been making. I am inspired! Decided then and there to take it up as a hobby, but when I started looking into prices I was thoroughly discouraged. The patterned cotton fabric is hugely expensive, aside from the backing, batting and tools...realized I would have to put it on the back burner for now. However, while I was doing the grocery shopping this afternoon, Joan phoned to say "come over, I want to show you something." The something was two HUGE bags of curtaining offcuts which she had procured from a place in Temuka earlier on - freely given as they are destined for the rubbish. Wow!! Need I say I was thrilled...took the bags home and sorted and folded the scraps into neat piles. I suspect I may wait until our boxes arrive in which are my scissors and sewing machine, but I can start planning in the meantime. Watch this space for progress updates on My First Quilt.

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Genevieve said...

I look forward to seeing your quilting - a worthwhile craft there in New Zealand where it gets cold. Remembering the formal dress you made in SH, I am sure you will master quilting as well!