Monday, April 19, 2010


Had a very productive day today - first day of the new term, and after a mid-morning pep talk with Rachel I am determined once again to try be "nice". It seems that school has drained my nice-levels, and even a two-week holiday has done nothing to replenish them. I guess the more I practice the more it will come naturally. Ah the effects of the sinful nature. After school I took the boys to town so Caleb could spend some birthday money, and they each bought a skateboard from the Warehouse (Aaron had some of his own $$). Skateboarding is big here (as is cycling).
We weren't out for very long, and then while the boys were practicing and playing with their new gear, I cleaned some parts of the house and got the pot belly fire going. Turns out that I'm a really useless fire-starter, but I managed to get a suitable fire lit which I kept going during the afternoon - apparently it works better if you don't throw in crumpled up newspaper after putting the wood on the bottom. The potbelly did a grand job of heating the house - we can see that it will be marvellous in winter! Nick came home in the afternoon to continue the job of splitting wood.

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