Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Here, there and everywhere

Spent a long time in the kitchen this morning chopping veggies and blending tomatoes to make a slow-cooked corned beef meal, and tomato soup. The soup never actually got made during the day but the tomatoes are in the pot, ready for tomorrow. I finished in the kitchen just in time to get to the church for a coffee morning at which Nick did a St Helena presentation to the ladies and gentlemen who regularly attend. It's an outreach sort of morning where various topics of interest are covered. We showed photos from the island and there were several questions afterward from the folk, several of whom had no knowledge of the island (much like us prior to our departure 4 1/2 years ago). Nick stayed on at the church to continue with prep while I took the boys to the Warehouse, where I splashed out on some crafty goodies (it's been so long since I've handled my own stuff and I do miss the feel and smell of the papers and things!) - bought a little bag of tags and a pack of 12x12" papers, although the papers were justified as a legitimate purchase since they went towards bathroom decor. Had just arrived home when it was time to go out again with the Camerons to the kitchen place who are doing a quote for our remodelling. It was educational to browse around their sample kitchens full of gadgetry and clever cupboards - even the boys enjoyed seeing what things did!
Home again at about 3 pm and finally had time to hang up washing - it was a beautifully sunny day (after a few grey days - what a relief) and I was sorry not to be taking better advantage of the sunlight! Matt and Rachel stayed just briefly, just long enough for the boys to play a bit. When Nick arrived home we had a quick confab regarding the bathroom and then rushed out to the Scarborough beach to collect pieces of driftwood to cover a window which has modesty issues. It's slowly coming together!

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