Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday's Food

I've joined the Sunday School team along with Miriam, Grant and Les, with the class of senior primary girls. Today was the first lesson of the new term with new material, and I'm taking my class through the Ten Commandments. It was a very enjoyable lesson despite having only one pupil - Hannah! We finished quite early (neither of us having much to contribute by way of chit-chat) so joined the 10 am prayer meeting before church. Nick preached on prayer and revival at both services, reading several accounts of revival in the afternoon service which can do nothing but inspire and challenge! We visited Leon and Magda Swanepoel and their daughter Lisa in the afternoon for a cup of tea and South African fare of Romany Creams and Ginger Nuts, enjoying the hour of chatting about SA.
After the evening service we invited the Camerons around for tea - spaghetti bolognaise, easy to whip up quickly. After eating we sat around the table and had a devotion and prayer meeting - what a blessing to enjoy fellowship with brothers and sister - and wonderful to hear the four boys praying for each other!

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