Friday, April 16, 2010

Lasagne night

Finished off the curtain sewing for the bathroom, and fashioned some tie-backs from driftwood - awfully pleased with the effect which is not only (to my mind, anyway - Nick was less encouraging) attractive, but also works as a functional curtain - ie outsiders can no longer peer in at the unsuspecting showerer. Not that we were having issues with that, but one does want to enjoy a certain amount of privacy!
Grant and Petru, with Erinmarie, Danica, Jayden and Dinae came for tea. I resorted to my lasagne, but this time had it with spinach layered in, and made a HUGE salad which was mostly made of leaves as I've seen my kiwi buddy do (yes, you know who I'm talking about). It's an easy way of making a big bowl of salad, and then you deceptively sprinkle tomato, capsicum, and any other bits you have over the top. But it's kind of like a gift basket filled with straw with just one layer of goodies at the top...or a whitewashed tomb... Anyway, the evening with the Phillipses was very enjoyable and the salad wasn't bad either.

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